International Partners

Whiteraven IT

We have been working with Whiteraven IT for years on SAP License Portfolio management projects in Belgium and the Nordics region at global customers delivering on time and on budget. This small but agile company stands out with its unparallel expertise in MS and Oracle licensing as well as its flexibility and eagerness standing the last bit with their customers.

We also organize joint events regularly at which you can freely discuss with the experts and many of your peers about hot topics and get an insight in the practise and experience of other SAP user organizations.

White Raven IT stands for high-level expertise, delivering excellent services, and introducing new solutions to your company. We work via exclusive EVENTS where you will be introduced to our services & solutions and more importantly our customer network.

Our services are the result of our experience as subject matter experts. Together with partners we are able – as independent advisors – to help you with compliance, risk mitigation, cost reduction, contract negotiation with the big 4 IT vendors: Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and IBM.