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IPR-Insights LicenseAcademy offers you a practical “survival kit” on how to approach SAP licensing rules and scenarios, optimization and S/4HANA transition with our partner Voquz Labs.

Companies’ CIOs and License Managers are no longer alone in this journey! You can gain advantages in optimization and manage your transition journey with confidence and benefits with us.

We support you in the key steps you should take before and during the S/4HANA transition in order to save cost, risk, and time in the short and long term.

5 years seems long, but you have to dedicate resources and execute the transition at your own expense. Without a proper plan and transition model, there can be a large, unnecessary expenditure surplus in the IT budget.

With a proven methodology, IPR-Insights can create the best-fitting, cheapest, but still compliant SAP license portfolio, create an S/4HANA-ready authorization role concept, and give support for negotiation preparations, all based on a well-detailed HANA roadmap.

Try our knowledge-sharing LicenseAcademy training in 2 half days online, to have a strategic overview of SAP licensing rules and scenarios, optimization and S/4HANA transition.

The main focus points are going to be:
DAY 1:
• SAP’s Vision and Strategy
• Classic License Scenarios
• SAP Digital Access
• Licensing SAP HANA Platform and S/4HANA

DAY 2:
• SAP HANA Cloud and RISE with SAP
• SAP Contractual Documents
• SAP S/4HANA License Transformation and Roadmap
• Optimizing SAP License Portfolio

As an independent license consulting company, IPR has been supporting large firms on a European level in preparing for the S/4HANA transition for 3 years, and our relevant professional experience dates back nearly 9 years.

You can make your knowledge transparent with certified professional qualifications, which you can share in an e-badge form after completing a short online test.

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The curricula of the training courses – delivered by our experienced consultants – incorporate real-life project case studies. Participants receive the training material.

The courses are on demand, if you are interested please get in touch with us, so that we can tailor the program to your unique needs.