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This website (hereinafter “Website”) is operated by IPR-Insights Hungary Kft. (Headquarters: HU 8000 Székesfehérvár, Királysor 30.; Branch office: 1138 Budapest, Váci út 135-139. C. building 1st floor; Phone number: +36 1 999-0420, Fax: +36 1 999-7965; E-mail: iprsapper@iprsam.com, hereinafter: “IPR-Insights”). By visiting and using the Website, you accept these Terms of Use, therefore please read the terms below carefully. If you do not agree with the terms below, please do not visit or use the Website.

Subject of the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use contain the general terms and conditions related to the use of the Website and apply to anyone who visits the Website or uses services through it (hereinafter: “user”). The Website – without prejudice to the rights of IPR-Insights and third parties – can only be used in line with the applicable laws and the provisions of these Terms of Use.

Nature of the information disclosed

The information disclosed on the Website serves solely information purposes and to provide general guidance on matters of interest to users. The information on the Website cannot be considered either IT, legal, accounting, or any other professional advice or service. If you need professional advice on a specific matter, IPR-Insights’ experts are at your service .

Provisions regarding the use of displayed content

The Website and all its content, as well as its specific layout, are the intellectual property of IPR-Insights. You agree that you will not reproduce, distribute, transmit, modify or use this intellectual property in any way without the permission of IPR-Insights. The use of this content in any form, beyond personal use, is only possible with the expressed, prior, written permission of IPR-Insights.

Links to other websites

By clicking on the links on the IPR-Insights Website, you may be redirected to the websites of other service providers. In such a case, please contact the service provider of these websites in order to learn about the terms of use of the website and the applicable privacy and data protection rules. IPR-Insights – if permissible under applicable laws – excludes its responsibility for any damage or loss arising in connection with the use of these websites, therefore in particular – but not exclusively- it excludes its responsibility for the availability of such websites, for the content provided on them, for the completeness and accuracy of the information, for its timeliness, for possible infection with viruses or other malicious programs. The availability of links to these websites serves only the convenience of users, but users are solely responsible for visiting these websites.


User bears all responsibility for any decisions based on the information contained on the Website.

IPR-Insights makes every reasonable effort to ensure that all information provided on the Website is complete, accurate, and timely. Regarding that laws and other regulations may change, as well as taking into account the dangers associated with electronic communication, it is possible that the information on the Website may be incomplete, inaccurate, or delayed. IPR-Insights – if permissible under applicable law – shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the incompleteness, inaccuracy, or delay of the information provided through the Website. IPR-Insights is entitled to make changes and corrections to the Website at its own discretion, at any time, without notice, or to remove the Website or the information provided on it in whole or in part.

IPR-Insights makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the users of the Website can use the website safely and without disturbance. However, IPR-Insights – if permissible under applicable laws – shall not be responsible for any damage or loss resulting from accessing the Website or any information provided on it, or from the inaccessibility or any use of the Website, in particular, but not exclusively, if they arise from the following reasons: they arise from the use of the Website, its unusable state, improper operation, malfunction, delayed information transmission, line or system error, or other similar problems.

IPR-Insights – if permissible under applicable laws – excludes its responsibility for any infection with viruses or other malicious programs suffered in connection with visiting the Website, and for any damage or loss associated with such infections.

Protection of personal data

The right to privacy and the protection of personal data of Website users is important to IPR-Insights. In line with the obligation to provide certain information under Art. 12 – 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter: “GDPR”), IPR-Insights, as controller of the personal data of the Website users – as data subjects – provides information in its Privacy Notice on its personal data processing practices in relation to user data.

Registration problems

Most of materials contained on the Website are available to anybody without restrictions. IPR-Insights reserves the right that accessing and downloading of certain materials may be bound to registration. If you encounter any difficulties during registration, please let us know at iprsapper@iprsam.com.

Technical problems

The employees of IPR-Insights and its contractual partners involved make every reasonable effort to ensure that the Website functions properly. Nevertheless, if you encounter any technical problems, please report them at iprsapper@iprsam.com so that they can be addressed as soon as possible.


IPR-Insights is entitled to make changes to these Terms of Use at any time, at its own discretion, unilaterally. Such modifications shall enter into force on the day of their publication on this Website. Please visit and review this page from time to time to get familiar with the applicable rules.

Applicable law

By accepting the Terms of Use, you declare that you shall be submitted to the laws of Hungary and – in the event of the settlement of any legal disputes – to the competent Hungarian court in whose jurisdiction the registered office of IPR-Insights is located. Parties declare the they first try to settle disputes amicably.

Language versions

These Terms of Use were drafted in Hungarian and in English language. In case of any discrepancies between these language versions, the provisions of the Hungarian language version shall prevail.


Last updated: 03/10/2022